Decor doesn’t begin and end at buying plush,Guest Posting extra-wholesale home decor modern, pinch on your salary furniture. Decor is a lot, lot more. So you’ve invested in a great couch and stayed awake days and nights to watch your pro carpenter finish up your cabinet job. Now what? Now, we will help you accessorize. Here is a comprehensive list of accessories which you can’t go wrong with!

1) Upholstery: If you’ve finished the bigger jobs in your living room decor like building cabinets and shelves and the like, it’s time to upholster. Now, most carpenter-jobs can get botched up if you don’t upholster well. For example, if you’ve selected a dark wood polish like Rosemary or teak, I’d advise you to go with shades of white for your upholstery. White satin curtains and off-white sofa or dewan cloth makes your space look classy. Similarly, if the polish on your furniture is on the lighter side, go rogue. Reds suit your space as well as greens and blues.

2) Furnishing: Furnish your living area well. For those who have a lot of metal work going on in your living room, you might want to experiment with colors like maroon, bright yellow and orange. Explore the idea of silk curtains. These days, faux silk is available in furnishing shops too. These are much cheaper than real silk, and you can’t really notice the difference either.

3) Handicrafts: India is the land of great craftwork. Shopping avenues across the country are dotted with street artisans selling their wares. Every corner of the country is rich in all types of handiwork which would fit right into your home decor, so, don’t be afraid to experiment.

4) Fruit bowls: In a country of foodies like India, where we plan the next meal sitting at the dining I feel that incorporating a fruit bowl in our decor ideas would really pay off well. Use an ornate wooden bowl and place your fruits on them on any one of your living room tables, and you have a new decor idea!

5) Decor accents: A number of decor accents are available these days on the streets and even in the comfort of your home, online. Shop for decor accents and personalize your space in a way that it shouts out your name!

6) Wall Decor: If textured walls aren’t your thing, wall hangings may be a great way to go. You can buy inexpensive faux paintings from places like National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi. These are very nominally priced and you can get them framed and use with accent lighting in your home for a brilliant effect.

7) Candles and fragrances: Candles in modern times are a boon to fill up empty spaces in your home, be it side tables, centerpiece ideas or cabinet decor. A bowl of potpourri on your center table looks great and smells like a million bucks too!

8) Flower Arrangements: Somehow, vases and flowers wholesale home decor seem indispensable for living rooms. Nothing encourages positivity and radiates in a family like flowers do. You could arrange long-stemmed flowers in vases, or put them in crystal bowls with water, or just have a lot of them in ceramic jugs. In each of these ways, nothing livens up your space like flowers.

9) Using kitchenware for decor: Using kitchenware for decor is a simple way to do something new with your space. You can incorporate dry fruit trays, or simple spoons and cups and pots that just sit there looking pretty. A crystal or ceramic ash-tray may look beautiful if correctly chosen. And what’s more, you don’t have to be a smoker to beautify your living room with it!


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